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Responsive Layout

SnappyForge applications work in all modern browsers and platforms, and work on Mobile Devices as well!

Fully Customizable

From the data you collect to who can access it, you are in control.

Pixel Perfect

Change the look and feel of your application with a few professional styles to choose from. Or, completely customize it - it's up to you! (customization coming soon!).

Endless Possibilities

Host your application from SnappyForge, or embed it on your own website. We even have licensing options for private intranet use.

Powerful Performance

SnappyForge is designed to be fast & reliable. Powerful smart technology lets your applications run faster.

Workflow Integration

Integration into your work flow is essential to a successful application. SnappyForge has many different options to keep your business running smoothly.

The Fastest Way To Develop

Applications are snapped together in minutes. No coding required!

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All businesses need applications to keep track of day-to-day operations and tasks. SnappyForge was developed with four core principles: flexibility, speed, reliability and security.

Flexibility: Each business is unique and so are it's needs. Build applications that support your existing workflow and integrate seamlessly with your external clients and applications.

Speed: Slow applications are frustrating! Anyone who needs to use your application should not have to wait forever for a page or data to load. Some tasks (like report generation) can be automated as well, keeping the application smooth and responsive.

Reliability: Your business is only as good as your data, and SnappyForge can enforce rules and constraints on your data to ensure continuity and reliability.

Security: Top of the line security practices mean better security for your data.



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