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With SnappyForge, you can create all kinds of web based applications for your business and personal use. Create professional looking Data Collection Apps, Process Request Forms, Simple Surveys, Ticket Systems, and much more! You can control who has access to different parts of your application and create reports on your data. Using our tiny widget code, you can even bring your forms and applications into your existing website for a truly seamless end-user experience!

Responsive Layout

SnappyForge applications work in all modern browsers and platforms, and look great on Mobile Devices as well!

Fully Customizable

From the data you collect to who can access it, you are in control.

Pixel Perfect

Change the look and feel of your application with a few professional styles to choose from. Or, completely customize it - it's up to you! (customization coming soon!).

Endless Possibilities

Host your application from SnappyForge, or embed it on your own website.

Powerful Performance

SnappyForge is designed to be fast & reliable. Powerful smart technology lets your applications run faster.

Workflow Integration

Integration into your work flow is essential to a successful application. SnappyForge has many different options to keep your business running smoothly.

The Fastest Way To Develop

Applications are snapped together in minutes. No coding required!

Our Free account can create two Forms with up to 100 responses in each!

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How it Works

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    Create Form

    New Form Button

    Create a Form and decide on settings like if you'll allow sorting or filtering, the number of columns for the form, and pick a style!

  • 02

    Add Fields

    Add Controls Button

    Snap together your form using our pre-defined templates and controls. Give each Field a Name, and that will be used throughout your Form's Modes (List, Add, Edit).

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    Security Button

    Control what end-users see and do with your Application. Make certain fields required, or add other data-requirements. Integrate your workflow to enhance your business processes.

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    Security Button

    Publish using a direct link or use our widget to pull your application into your website seamlessly.


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Core Principles



All businesses need applications to keep track of day-to-day operations and tasks. SnappyForge was developed with four core principles: flexibility, speed, reliability and security.

Flexibility: Each business is unique and so are it's needs. Build applications that support your existing workflow and integrate seamlessly with your external clients and applications.

Speed: Slow applications are frustrating! Anyone who needs to use your application should not have to wait forever for a page or data to load. Some tasks (like report generation) can be automated as well, keeping the application smooth and responsive.

Reliability: Your business is only as good as your data, and SnappyForge can enforce rules and constraints on your data to ensure continuity and reliability.

Security: Top of the line security practices mean better security for your data.


Here are just some of the things you can build

View an Image of each App or Try the Live Demo!


Our Latest News



Two Ways You Can Limit Appointment Requests Using SnappyForge

Are you in a position where you need to allow your customers or users to request their own appointment time? Do you want to have pre-set dates and times they can pick from? Or perhaps you want to limit the number of participants at an event?

Fortunately, there are several options available to you with our platform. Read on to find out two ways you can enforce dates and times users are allowed to pick and also how you can set a limited number of slots for reservations.



Check out our Enhanced Mobile Interface

When SnappyForge was initially developed, we never imagined that mobile devices would make up such a large portion of how people interact with us. Don’t get us wrong, the forms and applications that were created with SnappyForge always worked beautifully on mobile devices, but our interface to create and modify the Form was intended for people working on a desktop or laptop computer.

Starting today, that is about to change. We’ve been hard at work to bring you the ability to create and edit your forms on the go, and we’re very excited to show you our new mobile interface!



Ultimate Guide on How Small Businesses can use Surveys to Grow Post COVID

Surveys are one of the best tools a business has to measure how they are doing in their customer’s eyes. Customer surveys can not only help you identify areas where you can improve your business, but also show your customers that you care about their feedback.

Here are 6 ways you can use simple surveys to improve your business...


Style Combinations


Unique Field Types


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