About Us

Our Core Principles: Flexibility, Speed, Reliability & Security


Our Culture

About Us

Our mission is to bring low cost, high quality information systems to businesses large and small. We achieve this goal by integrating the latest technologies and best practices into our system. Our focus is on flexibility, speed, reliability and security.


Our Quality

Rigorously Tested

Almost everything in SnappyForge has been designed to provide a rich end user experience. Each part, whether integrated or developed internally has been reviewed in-depth and thoroughly tested to ensure it provides quality and stability to our system.


Our Process

Simple yet Powerful

Our system allows you to quickly build and deploy high quality information systems for your business. Almost anything you can think of that requires the input and modification of data can be built using SnappyForge.


Your Business

More than Forms

We give you the tools to create entire applications, from data-entry to reports. Our system is secure and feature-rich. Build, deploy and tweak to your heart's content: without sacrificing your time or your resources.


How it Works

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    Knowing what information you need to collect and manage is half the battle. Having a rough idea will make the end result smoother and save you time.

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    Snap together your form using our pre-defined templates and controls. Tie multiple forms together, create a menu, and choose from our vast style library to make it your own.

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    Control what end-users see and do with your Application. Make certain fields required, or add other data-requirements. Integrate your workflow to enhance your business processes.

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    Publish using a direct link or use our widget to pull your application into your website seamlessly.




Create and share full-featured web applications!
No need to worry about database or web programming! Forms snap together in minutes!
Customize the look and feel of your forms.
Validate the data entered by users to ensure data continuity and consistency.
Quickly create different forms for different users, each with their own controls, rules and buttons.
Share your forms using a link, or get HTML & JS code to embed it on your own site.
Control your application's access privileges using custom roles.
Link Forms together in various ways, including true parent/child relationships.
Export data with a click of a button, or have it automagically sent to you at regular intervals. (Automatic Reports Coming soon!)
Workflow support for automatic emails, calendar reminders and more! (Calendar Reminders Coming soon!)
Powerful application templates save you even more time! (Coming soon!)
Charts, graphs, calendar view and other highly customizable views of your data. (Coming soon!)
Powerful Analytics tools to keep you on top of your business trends. (Coming soon!)

Potential Uses for Your Business

Project and Task Management

Track Projects and their related Tasks, Meetings, Notes and more...

Customer Relations Management

Keep track of your Customers, their relationships, purchases and more...

Ticket Request Systems

Create Tickets, assign them, tracking, reporting and more...

Your Ideas

Brought to life... your way!


Plays Well

With Others

Tested on Google Sites!
Tested on Wix.com!
Wordpress Plugin coming soon!
Testing on SharePoint coming soon!
Should work on most Content Management Sites!
IFrame and Javascript Widget options!