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Create and share full-featured web applications!
No need to worry about database or web programming!
Forms snap together in minutes!
Customize the look and feel of your forms.
Validate data entered by users to ensure data continuity and consistency.
Share your forms using a link, or get HTML & JS code to embed it on your own site.
Control your application's access privileges using custom roles.
Use Roles to set up different views for different users, each with their own controls, rules and buttons.
Link Forms together in various ways, including true parent/child relationships.
Export data with a click of a button, or have it automagically sent to you at regular intervals. (Automatic Reports Coming soon!)
Workflow support for automatic emails, calendar reminders and more! (Calendar Reminders Coming soon!)
Powerful application templates save you even more time! (Coming soon!)
Charts, graphs, calendar view and other highly customizable views of your data. (Coming soon!)
Powerful Analytics tools to keep you on top of your business trends. (Coming soon!)